Flexible And Highly Adaptive Learning System.

Building A Strong Student- Teacher Bond Which Is Individual Specific.

Provide Motivation And Mentorship To Build Upon The Weak Points.

Round The Clock Expert Support & Guidance.

Why Only Eklavya Classes?


There is a regular Doubts Clearing Class, where students can approach the teacher directly for any type of query & doubt. It can helps all categories student especially weak students who required personal attention. It is very helpful for those students who hesitate in asking their problems in classroom in front of all students, also in recovering topics of absent classes.


After completing any chapter of any subjects, a complete strong foundational study material is provided to the students. This study material of each chapter consists of competitive MCQS and chapter notes. This type of collection of study material helps student to have zero doubt with related topic and also providing strong foundation.


One of the best facility at Eklavya Classes is its exam schedule. We organize three §Ó?¡° four EXAMS in a month to calculate student§Ó??s study status time to time. Finally on the last day of the month we take a competitive exam which helps students to examine themselves competitively regarding entrance examinations.


A final result of each month§Ó??s session is also send to parents to know their child§Ó??s status.

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Eklavya Online Study
Eklavya Online Study
Eklavya Online Study
Eklavya Online Study
Eklavya Online Study
Eklavya Online Study

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